“I’m sorry,” she says, hands wrapped as tight as she dares around me, curled up all along my side, “I’m sorry, don’t hate me.” Her voice wavers in that way it always does when she’s terrified and I know without her having to say it that she’s having an especially bad day.

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Writing Asexuality in Fiction - Masterpost


I’ve finally built up a nice series of essays on writing asexuality and asexual characters in fiction. Here they are, all together in one place. They’re intended to be useful for asexual and non-asexual writers alike. They are also meant to be inclusive of gray-asexual and demisexual characters, although my knowledge is limited there.

These essays assume you already have a basic knowledge of what asexuality means: a general lack of sexual attraction to other people. This is not Asexuality 101; for that, check out the links on my resources page.

Other potentially relevant topics

This post may be updated in the future as I write more stuff on this subject; I’ll link to it from my blog’s homepage so it’s easy to find.


Side Note To Fan Fic Authors


Here’s the thing.

I read a lot of scripts.  A lot.  From professionals to aspiring writers to complete newbies.  Features and pilots.  Specs and treatments.

And 8 times out of 10 the fan fic that I’ve read over the last, oh, 15 years is leagues better than this stuff.  It’s more inspired.  It’s more compelling.  It’s genre bending and creative and heartfelt.  It’s well-paced and intense and funny and sexy and meaningful.  It’s smart and thoughtful and good.  It’s novel-quality.  Better than, sometimes.

Rare is the script I don’t want to put down, but how often have we stayed up until 3am to get to the last chapter of a 100k fic? And it’s not even a fan fic author’s day job.  This is what they do on the side.  In their spare time.  For free.

So my point is, fan fic authors, you’re good.  You’re good writers and great storytellers.  I know it doesn’t always feel like it, especially if you’re one of the authors who’s not a BNF and doesn’t get the notes/hits that a few do.  And  because some people still view fic as “not real writing.” You guys know the shit that gets made into movies.  You’re better than that.  So be better than that.  If writing is what you think want to do, then just know you’re already doing it.   You’ve already started.

And you’re more talented than you might think.


If you’re a writer and you see this post, stop what you’re doing.



Just one sentence. Stop blogging for one minute and write a single sentence. It could be dialogue, it could be a nice description of scenery, it could be a metaphor, I don’t care. The point is, do it. Then, when you finish, you can get back to blogging.

If this gets viral, you might just have your novel finished by next Tuesday.


The Mirror Lied



Pairing: Haruka/Makoto

Words: 5,800+

Rating: T (smallest nsfw part you will ever see)

Summary: Makoto doesn’t like to talk about it. If fact, he doesn’t talk about it at all. He just wills his body to stop feeling so wrong.

De-anoned from kink meme prompt: here

Also on AO3

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Reread the series and Jesus Fuck I forgot how little I edited these fics. I am cringing so hard. There are typos and poor grammar and I am so embarrassed you guys had to see it like this. Why did nobody tell me?